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Utilize eZcomponents to ZendFramework project

Assuming that folder “library” is in your include php path.

Create folder EZ in your library folder, and extract all files from downloaded zip/tar.bz2  in to it.

in Your controller :

require_once “EZ/Base/src/base.php”;
$autoloader = Zend_Loader_Autoloader::getInstance();
$autoloader->pushAutoloader(array(‘ezcBase’, ‘autoload’), ‘ezc’);

Then test it :

$info = ezcSystemInfo::getInstance();
echo $info->cpuType, “\n”;
echo $info->cpuSpeed, “\n”;

Linux Screen Tutorial and How To

Lost your shell connection? Need multiple shell sessions?

You are logged into your remote server via SSH and happily plucking along at your keyboard and then it happens…..

WordPress Changing The Site URL

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